Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mail Tuesday

A few pieces of mail to share from the last week


Roses, outgoing I wanted to try something a little different with this one. The cutout with flowers is not something I do often, but that's exactly why I need to try things out. I think this one turned out nice, maybe I'll try out more similar ones soon.

I have to say, I'm very happy how the stamps worked out on this one!

Colorful birds, front
Colorful birds, back Another colorful one, this time with birds. I don't often show the back of the envelope, even though I try to add decorations there too. This one had some candy with the letter, as you can probably tell from the candy-gram text... (guys, it's a little early when I'm writing this, please excuse me pointing out the obvious) I just found those white letter stickers, so I had to try them out. They weren't super-sticky, so I wonder if they all made it...

black and white, outgoing Finally, a little black and white number. I like using the items I sell in my store.


Postcard from Norway, incoming This week was a bit more quiet on the incoming front, but I got this postcard from Norway! How pretty is it over there? I think I should visit some day.

Did you get something fun in the mail?

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Repurpose - Button envelopes

Repurposing everyday items I recently went shopping for some new clothes. Not my favorite pastime, but I desperately needed some new summer gear. I found a few things I needed and as I got home, I removed some of the tags. A pair of shorts I bought had one of those little pouches for the extra button.

Repurposing everyday items I really liked the shape and size of it, so I wanted to make some for later use. You cant have too many tiny envelopes, right?

Repurposing everyday items I took the envelope apart from the seams and modified it a little bit. Basically I just thought the flap to close the envelope was unnecessarily long, so I just cut off a little bit. If you do something like this, just make sure to check that the flap still covers the opening.

Once you're happy with the shape, use THIS tutorial to make a template.

Repurposing everyday items If you like to save the buttons in the envelopes they come in, you can just glue it back together afterwards. These are usually very sturdy.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Repurpose - the Stationery McGyver

I repurpose a lot of items at home. I am very much aware of the environmental impact things like excessive packaging has and I recycle and... you know... all that. It's important, but thats not what this post is about!

Click here to go to the shop! I love the challenge of reusing something old. Rescuing items that are falling apart and turning them into something new. I mean, I run an online store based on that thought! I do that at home as often as possible and use the same principles while I travel. Even though recycling and reducing waste is important, the challenge is equally important to me. And, let's be honest now, when I get an idea, I need to work on it *right now.* So, I will use whatever materials I have at hand.

 Click here to go to the shop! I do also like the idea that being creative doesn't require a huge budget. Don't get me wrong, I am more that happy to spend money on good quality stationery, go a little nuts about pens and don't get me started about what happens to me in bookstores... This doesn't mean that you *need* a lot of money to make things. Some basic supplies from the dollarstore (or the equivalent from your country) can get you pretty far.

 Click here to go to the shop! Reusing things is almost a second nature to me, so I wanted to start sharing some of the things I do. A lot of the things I make right now are snailmail-related, just because I have limited time on my hands nowadays. I have many projects planned that have nothing to do with mail, those are coming as soon as i have time to finish them.

 Click here to go to the shop!Photos on this post are of the vintage stamp sticker packs sold in my online shop! Click HERE to see them!

While I work on some upcoming projects, please share with us:

What's the repurpose project or trick you're the most proud of?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Mail Monday

Woohoo! Current mail that was sent last week! Finally on track with that!


Outgoing, pink and purple This first one is a combination of Korean candy packaging and a pretty nifty envelope DIY (I'll write a tutorial soon). I like the stamps too, I think they definitely add to the look.

Outgoing, Pink and yellow patterns Second is a crazy pattern combo that somehow just works. Or at least I think so. This one didn't have stamps when I took the photo. I wanted to take it to the post office, since it was a little thicker than usual. They had to add one of those large printed stickers on it, instead of individual stamps, so I don't think the photo after that would've been very fun.

Outgoing, yellow and green Finally a bright yellow washi tape creation. Washi tape does add to an envelope even in a hurry, just like Caddi mentioned in the comments of a recent post.


Incoming postcards It was a good week for postcards.

Incoming, black polkadots Black envelope with washi tape accents, filled with chocolate. Double awesome! If you wonder about the handwriting, it's the result of a cast on the stronger hand and having to write with her left...

Incoming, book art And last, but not least, a large envelope with decorations cut from an old book containing a letter and a book sent by my favorite librarian! How amazing is that!?

Did you get good things in the mail in the last week?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mail Love - Letter from the beach

I live just up the street from the beach (yes, Toronto has them) and finally managed to go enjoy it a few weeks ago. We've been walking on the boardwalk numerous times and I've even gone jogging along the beach, but we've never really just gone to spend a leisurely afternoon there. We had a picnic by the beach a few weeks ago on Canada day and it was awesome. Will definitely do that again soon!

In that one afternoon I managed, besides eating a picnic lunch and strolling on the beach a bit, write one letter. I don't usually show the insides of the letters much, but this was a fun little collection of beachy things, so I figured I'd share it.

Outgoing mail, July 2014

Once I got home with my letter, I made an envelope out of appropriately patterned paper (see the tutorial HERE for how to make envelopes). I also wanted to add a little extra flair, so I made a teeny tiny string of flags to tie the letter with. It's very easy to make, but if you want a tutorial, let me know. I'll be happy to write one!

The beach here is mainly sand, but has some nice smooth rocks as well. I wanted to find a few nice pieces of sea glass to add to the letter, but it was practically nonexistent, I only found one tiny piece. I did find some tiny round rocks though.

Outgoing mail, July 2014 I didn't want to send a few rocks (and that one scrawny sea glass) just by themselves, so I made a little souvenir out of them. I went through my stacks of maps and found a small one of Toronto. I cut it to size, marked where the beach is and sealed it all into a little plastic sleeve. Finally, I tied the whole lot together with the string of flags.

It turned out quite nice, so I'll certainly use this for inspiration for future mail.

Out of curiosity, what's the most random thing you've either sent or received in the mail?