Monday, October 13, 2014

Mail Monday - Win a Halloween surprise!

That's right guys! Instead of sharing mail I've sent out last week, I am doing a Halloween themed mail giveaway instead!

Woohoo! Let's start with the actual prize and the instructions on how to participate are below.

Halloween stationery giveaway I've put together a large package of all sorts of Halloween goodies! Since I love sending out mail, you will get a whole bunch of Halloween themed stationery as well as some other Halloween awesomeness.

The winner will get at least the following

- Miniature Ouija board
- Roll of Halloween washi tape
- Black letter paper
- Miniature Dia de los Muertos flag
- Stickers
- Envelopes
- Candy
- Halloween themed paper cutouts 
- And a few little surprised too...

I don't want to reveal all the specifics since I think it'll be a nice surprise to receive a package in the mail... But I will basically send you a large trick or treat bag full of halloweenie goodies! (teehee, weenie)

To enter:

You can enter this giveaway in four ways, each giving you one entry!

a Rafflecopter giveaway  

Leave a message to this post about a great Halloween costume! It can be something amazing you've worn or seen someone else wear. It can be something you'd like to wear if you got the chance. It can be an idea for a kids costume or a couples costume or a phenomenal group costume! It can be about any kind of a costume, but let's keep the stories positive!

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This giveaway is open to everyone, anywhere in the world.

I will draw the winner of the prize at random, but please put some effort into your answer. I will reward at least one great costume-related story with an additional small Halloween snailmail surprise!

Entries to this giveaway will close on midnight on Sunday October 19th.

Halloween stationery giveaway Good luck everyone! I'm really looking forward to hearing your costume stories!


  1. OOOOH!! :O *starting brain activity and fantasy..* Since I already wore my absolute favorite outfit once, that I planned for nearly two years (Edward Scissorhands - pic here: And I actually won best outfit that year! *proudest moment ever*) my next outfit would probably also be something Tim Burton has created. Beetlejuice maybe? That would be madness! :D Yess! Beetlejuice it is!

  2. We do not really celebrate it here :( So no costume story from me. But I think Elphaba from Wicked would make a great costume :)

  3. When I was a child we didn't celebrate Halloween in Spain. Now the children do.
    We usually made a special dress for Carnival. One year (I was about 7) some children decided to dress up and go for a walk in the night. One of us hadn't any costume, so he dressed up like an aged woman, with his great-grandma clothes.
    We visited some neighbours in order to get sweets or money (so like in Halloween). One of those old women still thinks that our friend was a real old woman!!

  4. Ooooh this looks great! :) You actually reminded me that it would be neat to send some halloween cards out....
    Halloween only became a "thing" when I was already a teen and still isn't that big here in Germany. But, the greatest costume I've seen was at a Halloween-Party in Colombia. It was a couples costume and the girl wore flip-flops, a towel wrapped around her and also a towel-turban and the guy was dressed as a shower - he had some kind of harness around his upper body that held up a shower head and a shower curtain :) He also had various other things like a shampoo holder etc. I loved it! Now of course, this was in Colombia and I think it would be way to cold to use this costume in Germany or Canada....
    We also dressed up around Carnival, but I never was that creative - like every kiddo, I went as a witch, an alien, a native american (I'm not sure whether this is common in North America, but over here it's one of the standard costumes actually), a princess, a ghost... those things.
    Take care!

  5. I don't have any super great costume stories but I always loved spicing up my sport outfits to create a costume. I've done a ton of different sports so I've been a vampire cheerleader, zombie tennis player etc.