Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cutting, gluing, creating

It's been a long while since I've done anything really creative. I'm starting to realize that making something, even if it's small, helps fuel more creativity.

I haven't written many letters recently. I haven't made any paper crafts.

Making a Christmas Inspiration notebook
The longer it's been, the harder it is to get back to it. I feel like this lack of creative space, both physical and mental, makes it hard for me to even write.

To help alleviate the distinct need for creating things in my life, I needed to start somewhere. The easiest and most useful task as to start going through the few magazines I still have. Ripping out pages with images I like will hopefully help with the creative rut.
Holiday magazines
Next step, start adding them into a notebook. I'm creating a Christmas notebook to help me get into the Christmas spirit.

What do you do when you feel you've been stripped of your creativity?

Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Inspiration - Winter

This is the time I still love winter and snow. Especially since there's hardly any snow in Toronto right now...

I've been collecting some wintery photos in Pinterest, check out the board by clicking the picture above

Do you have any love for winter or do you prefer some other season?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The tree is here!

If you've followed my blog for a while now (or if you know me in real life) you know that I really, really like Christmas. Every year I put the tree up the first weekend of December and try to add a few other decorative touches for my home.

This year it so happened that our move was scheduled on December 1st. Then we had to wait of our furniture and other things to arrive, so I only got the tree up two days ago.

Christmas tree and a stocking
I love the fireplace. It was just calling for a couple of stockings. I have a few more ideas how to decorate the fireplace (hopefully) without going overboard with it.

I will take more photos, but there are still some boxes around. I do have a few other decorative things to put up as well. I'll share some more photos once I have a better handle of the place.

Do you have decorations up yet? Will you decorate your home?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New apartment

My new place has old school radiators and wide windowsills. If they were a bit wider, I don't know if I'd even need chairs.

The floors are old, solid wood and not even close to being flat. You can tell they've been here for a long time.

New apartment
I finally got the fireplace I've wanted for years. It's fake, but I don't really care.

New apartment
And the light... I love the light in here.

I'll share more photos once the boxes are gone and things find their places.

Saturday, December 7, 2013


How are you today?

I am, as the header states, having trouble sleeping. It's my own fault really. Combine a love for zombie TV shows (OK, the Walking Dead*) with an overactive imagination and you get a lot of very vivid zombie apocalypse -type scenarios going on at 5am. The good news is that they aren't really nightmares, but scenarios that I, immediately after waking, must put together a plan for. This, in turn, usually wakes me up fully.

Things are starting to fall into their places over here. We got all of out stuff on Thursday, so I spent a good portion of yesterday just unpacking. The kitchen is almost done and a few pieces of clothing have already found their places. Most of the furniture is already at their designated spots. I can't wait to get more of the boxes done, get my studio set up and, of course, put up the Christmas tree.

Gossamer is off to explore the new solarium.
This is Gossamer headed over to the solarium. That's where my studio will be set up. Eventually.

I'm also missing the cable for my camera. So, even though I do have some new photos to share with you, I can't get them out of the camera yet. So, unfortunately, all I have for now are some less than stellar photos taken with my phone.

Got any helpful tips for problems with sleep?

*) Frankly, I am shocked half of the characters are still alive. I believe seeing, and usually loudly pointing out, the flaws in their survival strategies has equipped me with the necessary skills to survive a zombie apocalypse should one start at any point.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

- Incoming Transmission -

*Static noise*

Can you read me?

I'm reporting to you from across the Ontario border. I have arrived a few days ago. The first few days were spent gathering supplies and scoping out the surroundings. I am now securely located in my new base and the communications seem to be working.

I have survived the trek without much physical damage. Besides a few minor mishaps I am unscathed. Emotional damage still undetermined.

The locals seem extremely friendly, yet wary. No zombie sightings as of yet.

If you haven't heard my previous transmissions, due to poor connections or potential zombie attacks, I have now relocated to Toronto, Ontario. Expect reports coming more frequently as long as the communications stay active.

I will report back soon! Please leave a note that you've received this incoming message in the comments section!

Talk to you soon!

P.S. I saw a comforting sign just a few blocks from my new base. I feel a little more safe now!