Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mail Love - Outgoing letters

The letters are still slow going out, but there has been a few I'd like to share.

Black and White Outgoing mail,
This first one is something I've been wanting to try out for a while. I found this amazing black and white book about old movies and was experimenting with the pages. The paper is really nice and thick, but the glossy finish makes it hard to handle. After some trial and error, I've figured out how to work with it, so I think I'll introduce a new product to my shop soon. I felt it just had to be made into envelopes... That's one intense lady right there...

Yellow Outgoing mail, There's been some pretty colorful mail too. The weather was exceptionally grey, so some bright yellow mail was in order. Can you tell I had just gotten some new washitapes?

Dots and stripes Outgoing mail,

Dots Outgoing mail, Talking of new washitape... Super polkadotty mail. Coincidentally both to Susanne.

This is actually quite interesting... Without this blog, I wouldn't have a clue what kind of mail I tend to send out. So far it seems like I like polkadots.

Can you identify unintentional themes or looks for your mail?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Setting up my studio

Having a place to work is high up on my wishlist when it comes to finding a home. When we came to Toronto to look for an apartment, it was the first thing on my 'I-really-really-really-want-one' list. However, that would be the first one to get cut over more important things like two bedrooms. I'm sure I would've figured out a little nook somewhere to work in, but I was delighted to find our current apartment which has a solarium.

My studio I saw the potential there, but only now in the summer it's really coming together. The space is smaller than what I had before when it comes to storage space, but the layout is completely different. I like that I can close the door if I need to, but ultimately I want it to not only work, but look nice as well.

My studio
I can finally say I have a legit studio!

My studio
I've been working on it a lot last week and I can finally see it coming together. I so want to share some photos of it once it's finished, but a few snapshots will have to do for now. Strings of lights make everything better!

I've moved almost everything around and gone through a whole lot of materials last week. It's the last little push to get it done, I just feel like I'm running out of steam now.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mail Love - Incoming postcards

I'm really looking forward to start with the snailmail posts. I wasn't very active with mail in the last few months either, but I am slowly getting back into it as well. I have taken some photos of the incoming and outgoing mail, so I will share some of the highlights as I get back into my new routine.

To get started, I want to share two cute postcards I've received earlier this year.

Incoming Mail, June
This one is from Susanne who went on an interrail trip this summer. I love the style of this card. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already seen this one.

Incoming mail, June, Brinner blog
The second one is a mandatory cat postcard... I mean, come on, it's a cute cat...

I have plenty of creative snailmail to share with you guys, but my old photo editor has changed since I last used it. I don't do anything crazy, mainly cover the addresses on my mail and usually some light/color adjustments or straightening. Could you recommend a simple editing tool? Do you have a preference?

How do you cover addresses or other details you don't want visible in photos? All tips and opinion welcome and appreciated!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

One year

In the last year I wrote 9 blog posts.

I did a whole lot of other things in that time, but blogging certainly wasn't one of them.

I started a full time job which, despite being a tad skeptical at first, I ended up loving. I got promoted and got to work on an incredible project. After a few months of long days and weekends spent in the office, I was offered a more permanent position and I was on a path to another promotion. I've never loved a job more than that one.

Then, I had to quit that job.

Toronto skyline, from the Gardiner towards downtown
We moved to Toronto.

Amidst all that I wasn't feeling well. In fact, I was sick for exactly 39 weeks. Then, I traded that (wildly inaccurately named "morning") sickness to a little bit less sleep, but a whole lot more awesomeness as my son was born March 27th. So yeah, I'm working on being all adult-y and stuff, being a parent and all.

In the last months this blog has been at the back of my mind. Not forgotten, just... brewing. I've been wanting to write, but at first, I wasn't feeling well or just didn't have the time. Then, I felt it had been so long that I didn't quite know how to start.

Lights in my studio ceiling. It's like a party everyday. Do what makes you
Now, in the last month and a bit, I've started to "do the blogging thing" again. I might not have written anything, but as I make more things, start and finish more projects and see new sights, I've started to think how to share them here, with you. After finishing a piece of mail, I take a photo with a nice background. While working on a new project, I take step by step photos. When I go exploring new neighborhoods, I take photos and mental notes about interesting things about that place I'd like to write about.

A little while ago I finally decided to take a peek at the inner workings of this site. I figured I'd quickly glance through if there's any activity or the unlikely chance that there might be a comment left somewhere... To my utter disbelief, not only was there activity, but there is, in fact, quite a bit of it. My DIY posts are still getting a lot of love online. There are new links back to my site.

So classy. Who needs vases when you got empty tequila bottles
Hell, a few times I have searched my own blog to find a particular recipe, so I guess it's safe to assume a few others might come by as well... I didn't expect quite so many of you though.

So, without any promises or internal pressures:

Hi guys! How have you been?