Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hello from Chicago!

The trip’s been fantastic so far. We’ve been walking so much; it feels like I’ve shrunk an inch. Vegas was fun like it always is, we ate well, played a few slot machines and for the first time, also went to see a show. We chose the show “Love” which is based on the music of Beatles. The show was just incredible. I’ve seen a Cirque du Soleil show once, back home in Montreal, but this was something else.

We flew to Chicago on Tuesday and since then have been exploring the city on foot. Today we went to the zoo which was a really pleasant surprise. It was huge! So many great things to see, I'd imagine that would be wonderful as a kid. Ok, who am I kidding? It was wonderful as a… slightly older person!
We’re taking a little break right now after a full day of walking around. Enjoying a cocktail (a bloody Mary) at the lobby of our hotel and trying to find a place for dinner. Today was supposed to be a day to try out a deep dish pizza at one of the famous pizza places around town. However, we didn’t realize that most places seem to be closed for Thanksgiving. I guess people need to rest for some serious shopping tomorrow.
Oh, which reminds me, I saw people lined up in front of an electronics store at noon today! Noon! Stores open at 5AM tomorrow morning. That’s dedication I guess…
I’m both looking forward to and am a tad scared about black Friday. We’ll see how crazy it’ll be. It’ll be nice to experience at least once. (Already have a crafts store on the list to go see tomorrow)
Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it today!


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