Monday, November 10, 2014

Mail Monday

Hello, hello everyone!

It's still looking very much like fall and I love it! My head is completely on Christmas things already, but I'm trying to keep it somewhat restrained for a little while longer. I've been making many, many holiday items for the shop and creating some brand new ones too! More about those later.

I do have a few pieces of mail to share with you for now.


honeycomb Let's start with a new style, honeycomb. I've been working a lot with this shape recently and naturally it spills over to my snailmail as well. I really like the look of it, there will be many more...

vintage stamps The second one if a very simple one. It was father's day in Finland yesterday, so I sent something to my dad last week. The envelope is a plain white one, but the vintage stamps are the key to the look.


Black, white and pink, incoming
This awesome black, white and pink one is from Mary. I love the stripes. I find working with paper like this is really hard, lining up the stripes can be tough! This is her second ever handmade envelope, so it'll be a collectors item when she's famous! (It also came with chocolate, so I really enjoyed it!)

So, what's up with you guys? Been up so something fun recently?


  1. Haha!! *proud moment* Hei kivaa, että tuli perille! Olin ihan salevarma, että hajoaisi matkan varrella! :P