Tuesday, December 3, 2013

- Incoming Transmission -

*Static noise*

Can you read me?

I'm reporting to you from across the Ontario border. I have arrived a few days ago. The first few days were spent gathering supplies and scoping out the surroundings. I am now securely located in my new base and the communications seem to be working.

I have survived the trek without much physical damage. Besides a few minor mishaps I am unscathed. Emotional damage still undetermined.

The locals seem extremely friendly, yet wary. No zombie sightings as of yet.

If you haven't heard my previous transmissions, due to poor connections or potential zombie attacks, I have now relocated to Toronto, Ontario. Expect reports coming more frequently as long as the communications stay active.

I will report back soon! Please leave a note that you've received this incoming message in the comments section!

Talk to you soon!

P.S. I saw a comforting sign just a few blocks from my new base. I feel a little more safe now!


  1. Amazing! And at least the zombies in Toronto are (kinda) predictable: http://torontozombiewalk.ca/

    1. Nice! I would have to think the predictable zombies would be much easier to handle! Thank you!