Saturday, December 7, 2013


How are you today?

I am, as the header states, having trouble sleeping. It's my own fault really. Combine a love for zombie TV shows (OK, the Walking Dead*) with an overactive imagination and you get a lot of very vivid zombie apocalypse -type scenarios going on at 5am. The good news is that they aren't really nightmares, but scenarios that I, immediately after waking, must put together a plan for. This, in turn, usually wakes me up fully.

Things are starting to fall into their places over here. We got all of out stuff on Thursday, so I spent a good portion of yesterday just unpacking. The kitchen is almost done and a few pieces of clothing have already found their places. Most of the furniture is already at their designated spots. I can't wait to get more of the boxes done, get my studio set up and, of course, put up the Christmas tree.

Gossamer is off to explore the new solarium.
This is Gossamer headed over to the solarium. That's where my studio will be set up. Eventually.

I'm also missing the cable for my camera. So, even though I do have some new photos to share with you, I can't get them out of the camera yet. So, unfortunately, all I have for now are some less than stellar photos taken with my phone.

Got any helpful tips for problems with sleep?

*) Frankly, I am shocked half of the characters are still alive. I believe seeing, and usually loudly pointing out, the flaws in their survival strategies has equipped me with the necessary skills to survive a zombie apocalypse should one start at any point.


  1. Lue jotain todella tylsää kirjaa, toimii aina mulla. Esim opiskeluihin liittyvää ;)

    1. Toi on kylla aika toimiva ehdotus. Ainakin opiskeluaikoina toimi tosi hyvin. :D