Tuesday, June 3, 2014

One year

In the last year I wrote 9 blog posts.

I did a whole lot of other things in that time, but blogging certainly wasn't one of them.

I started a full time job which, despite being a tad skeptical at first, I ended up loving. I got promoted and got to work on an incredible project. After a few months of long days and weekends spent in the office, I was offered a more permanent position and I was on a path to another promotion. I've never loved a job more than that one.

Then, I had to quit that job.

Toronto skyline, from the Gardiner towards downtown
We moved to Toronto.

Amidst all that I wasn't feeling well. In fact, I was sick for exactly 39 weeks. Then, I traded that (wildly inaccurately named "morning") sickness to a little bit less sleep, but a whole lot more awesomeness as my son was born March 27th. So yeah, I'm working on being all adult-y and stuff, being a parent and all.

In the last months this blog has been at the back of my mind. Not forgotten, just... brewing. I've been wanting to write, but at first, I wasn't feeling well or just didn't have the time. Then, I felt it had been so long that I didn't quite know how to start.

Lights in my studio ceiling. It's like a party everyday. Do what makes you happy.www.brinnertime.com
Now, in the last month and a bit, I've started to "do the blogging thing" again. I might not have written anything, but as I make more things, start and finish more projects and see new sights, I've started to think how to share them here, with you. After finishing a piece of mail, I take a photo with a nice background. While working on a new project, I take step by step photos. When I go exploring new neighborhoods, I take photos and mental notes about interesting things about that place I'd like to write about.

A little while ago I finally decided to take a peek at the inner workings of this site. I figured I'd quickly glance through if there's any activity or the unlikely chance that there might be a comment left somewhere... To my utter disbelief, not only was there activity, but there is, in fact, quite a bit of it. My DIY posts are still getting a lot of love online. There are new links back to my site.

So classy. Who needs vases when you got empty tequila bottles
Hell, a few times I have searched my own blog to find a particular recipe, so I guess it's safe to assume a few others might come by as well... I didn't expect quite so many of you though.

So, without any promises or internal pressures:

Hi guys! How have you been?