Sunday, June 15, 2014

Setting up my studio

Having a place to work is high up on my wishlist when it comes to finding a home. When we came to Toronto to look for an apartment, it was the first thing on my 'I-really-really-really-want-one' list. However, that would be the first one to get cut over more important things like two bedrooms. I'm sure I would've figured out a little nook somewhere to work in, but I was delighted to find our current apartment which has a solarium.

My studio I saw the potential there, but only now in the summer it's really coming together. The space is smaller than what I had before when it comes to storage space, but the layout is completely different. I like that I can close the door if I need to, but ultimately I want it to not only work, but look nice as well.

My studio
I can finally say I have a legit studio!

My studio
I've been working on it a lot last week and I can finally see it coming together. I so want to share some photos of it once it's finished, but a few snapshots will have to do for now. Strings of lights make everything better!

I've moved almost everything around and gone through a whole lot of materials last week. It's the last little push to get it done, I just feel like I'm running out of steam now.


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    1. Thank you! It makes me so happy every time I go in and put on the lights! I think this is definitely helping me get back into the creative mood.