Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tuesday mail

I had the best labor day long weekend! It was pretty hectic at times, but totally worth it! It started with an impromptu party at our place on Saturday, continued with FanExpo on Sunday and ended with Canada's largest Ribfest on Monday.

I'm still quite in awe of FanExpo, but I'll share some photos later. I am so incredibly inspired after visiting the event, that I don't quite know where to start. It's 6 in the morning right now, but I can't sleep, so might as well get some ideas out of my head straight away. The amount of talent was incredible and the topmost feeling I have is that I really want to take part as an exhibitor one year! We'll see when that happens. I'll keep you guys in the loop!

Last week was slower for mail. I sent out only one, but received one as well. I actually have a few more things going out, including a letter a wrote over a week ago, but you'll see those next week.


Flowers, outgoing
I wanted to try out an upright letter for a change. It worked out nicely with the pattern on the paper I was using. I even managed to find an upright stamp to go with it. It's actually from a new set of stamps that came out recently. Besides that, it's a fairly simple one. It's the paper that really makes it.


Yellow, Incoming
I got this bright yellow one from Susanne. It had a letter and a paper pack from her trip to Japan. I already have some ideas how to use the papers.

How was your long weekend, if you had one? How has your week started if you had a regular lenght weekend?


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