Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday inspiration

Maybe it's the hot weather that made me soft in the head, or maybe it's something else, but I can't help myself. I've caught myself, more than once, looking at floral dishes and pretty teacups.

I'm not a "pretty" kind of a person at all. In fact, I'm not a "dishes" kind of a person either. Here (as in North America at least) it seems the norm to pick dishes as a wedding present and I certainly didn't want any. I have plates, they work just fine (dishwasher safe), end of story. I never really even thought about it.

Photos from Want

However, I am in some really odd way liking dishes that are not my style at all. Some fun colours maybe, or a funky pattern...

I don't know, maybe this will pass. I know myself well enough that I would get bored of one style very, very easily. So, I think I might just see if I can find a few colourful plates (probably more like a cereal bowl) and leave it at that... I do love the aesthetic of mixing and matching...

So, what's your thought on the topic? Colourful, mixed plates and a few teacups or stay with white/neutral?

Do you put any thought on your dishes?


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