Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stickers all kinds

I wanted to show you a couple pretty cool things.

Today was a good mail day... Remember the eBay bucks I had to spend a little while ago? Well, I got my Korean stickers today. How awesome are these?

They came in a little booklet. So adorable!

So, anyone I might send mail to, be afraid, very afraid (of the attack of cuteness)

 I had a meeting yesterday a bit further away and (as it so often happens) I dropped by my usual charity shop on my way home. I found a few cool things I can use in my work, but I especially wanted to show you this:

A roll of vintage wallpaper. How awesome is this? I have so many ideas how to use this... It's actually the kind that has the adhesive on the back already. I'm pretty excited. I just realized this could make pretty cool address labels...


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