Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mail day

I've been reading a lot of mail related blogs and I really enjoy their incoming/outgoing posts. I thought I'd try it out too...


A letter from the lovely Laura and a postcard from my sister and her roommate from Paris (those lucky peeps)


This is a letter going out to... I'm not going to tell who, since I'd like them to be surprised. Also, it probably won't make a difference who it is going to.

Actually, I sent quite a few other things, but only realized I should try this out when I mailed all but the last one. It took a little longer, since I obviously felt like covering the entire thing in stickers...

Have you sent or received any cool mail recently?


  1. I love coming home and finding something in the little space between the doors, where the mail arrives. I open it immediately, without taking my shoes or bag off.

    My aim is to savour it more in the future, and make a pot of tea, sit down and open it in peace.

    1. That's exactly what I want to do too! I'm way too impatient. If I get a postcard, I have for sure read it before I get into the condo from the mailbox. And that takes, as you know, about 2 seconds. I need to enjoy my mail more.