Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Inspiration

Happy Friday everyone!

Before I get into our scheduled programming, which is the weekly inspiration post, let me just say something...

Thank you everyone who's come by and left a comment either over at the giveaway post or at any of the other ones. I'm squee-ing of happiness every time I see another comment. It makes me super happy to see so many people visiting my little blog. Thank you for your lovely comments! And good luck to you all in the giveaway! (If you didn't sign up yet, do so HERE)

Alrighty then; inspiration.

As you guys know I am a snailmail nerd and crafting geek, but did you know I have a weakness (besides washi tape and Venezuelan arepas) for beautiful lettering as well? Typography would probably be the correct term, but whateer it's called, I go weak at the knees for beautiful handwriting. (Some of you might have seen mine already, and we can probably agree that, even though it's hardly beautiful, it is... I dunno... weird?) Anywho, given the background story (and I always feel like giving one (also using brackets)) you can only imagine how much delighted squee-ing was going on when I found Dana Tanamachi

She's a "custom chalk lettered". That's a thing? Holy moly, though... She's just phenomenal. I mean, seriously?

I'm just staring at her work in awe...

Any other typography nerds out there?


  1. That's amazing! I actually already have problem to make my writing readable at all when writing with chalk, but this...
    Oh, and actually I like to Colombian arepas waaaay more than the ones from Venezuela :) They are basically the same though, it's just that I like Colombia more so I'm biased...

    1. I was actually thinking the same thing, the whole chalk aspect makes things thing so much harder...
      And I have to be honest with you, I've never tried Colombian arepas. I just tried the Venezuelan place a few blocks from my home and fell for them. I guess I'll now have to find a Colombian place to try them out.

  2. Katri, I had no idea you liked arepas! My family is from Venezuela and I have been making arepas since I was quite young. Homemade are the best and really easy to do! I've had the Colombian ones and I'm not too impressed by them--they make them too thin if you ask me but I think having grown up with the Venezuelan ones might make me slightly biased. ;-)

    1. I have to admit I didn't know what arepas were until they opened a place a few blocks from my house. Now I love them so much I could eat them every day. They also have this amazing avocado sauce to go with them and I have more than once tried to buy the sauce to take home. They've so far refused... I will wear them down :D

      Now, homemade you say... Could I convince you to share a recipe?

  3. (oh whoa, I didn't notice this entry before) but YES! I think it might run in the family because uuuaghhhh typography is so awesome!!! omnom~ Really I would just hoard books after books of fonts and nicely written stuff~ ohman~ and I just LOVE that kind of stuff that's in the first pic of this post ;U;~~
    Thanks for the link here also~ maaaan such pretty and awesome stuff~


    1. I squee with happiness when I look at it. And also think that this might be, like, the coolest job ever. Possibly even cooler than my all time dream job, a librarian!