Friday, October 31, 2014

I am the Pumpkin King!

*Any excuse to use a Nightmare before Christmas quote*

Perhaps not the king, but a runner up maybe... I am very happy with my pumpkin this year! I felt like I've learned new pumpkin carving skills over the last years and this one is actually combining many of them. This year I wanted to bring back my so far favorite pumpkin, Evil-Bob, who my long-time readers might remember from 2012.

I'm pleased to introduce to you:

Evil-Bob 2.0

Happy Halloween 2014 He's back and meaner than ever! This year's model comes with pointy teeth, carved out eyes and an exceptionally sinister vibe!

I also wanted to share with you guys my costume and pumpkin from last year. I dressed up as Pam from Archer and my pumpkin... Well, see for yourselves:

Halloween 2013
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Do you guys have something fun planned for tonight or for the weekend? Please share!


  1. Törkeeeeen hiano! :D Kaikki, siis molemmat kurpitsat sekä asu ;)

  2. Evil-Bob does indeed look very evil!
    Over here it's 10 pm and no kids came by :(
    Well, that means: more sweets for me ;)