Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Losing my writing groove

I miss writing. There was a time when I wrote this blog almost every day. I rarely had posts waiting to be published for more than a few days, more often than not I wrote and published them the same day. Yet I kept having things to write about.

Bright and cold I miss that unplanned, almost careless blogging. Since then I got into my own head and didn't want to publish anything that wasn't complete. The photos had to be perfectly edited and the text absolutely fine-tuned. I started second guessing my choice of topics and my content. I got to the point that I even stopped sharing my mail-related projects! That was the one topic I felt I could always write about.

I still have a number of photos and a few fully written snailmail posts that never saw the light of day. After rereading them one too many times I thought they were the same thing over and over again. And, to be honest, they were. I've written quite a few letters in the last few months, but instead of trying to come up with something new for the decorations or some clever gimmics, I just did something that I thought the recipient might like.

That has always been the priority for me, but I really like sharing some of the outgoing mail. I like photos of stationery and I like to contribute to the steady stream, especially on Instagram. I feel like maybe if we collectively share enough photos of our correspondence, more people will get into sending old school mail.

But I will not let the desire to come up with new ideas become an obstacle in sharing what I make. It will always first be for the recipient and only then for sharing.

Snowy Beaches Another writing related thought I've had recently, is that the less I wanted to share about myself, the harder it became to write anything at all. I've always been extremely private, so it takes me a long time to share anything even with people I know personally. I can't let that stop me from writing my blog.

There's so many things I would like to talk about and share with you, so I am learning to share a little more openly. More on that another time!

What do you like to read about bloggers?


  1. I think writers and bloggers are very courageous to share their thoughts, ideas, projects or anything else with the online world. It's difficult enough to open up to people you do know, that much more so to people you don't know. I have trouble just leaving comments on Facebook! For your kind of blog I enjoy reading about the creative process and about the motivation behind certain projects and the work involved. Keep writing whatever you want to write and I will keep reading! -Angela

    1. Thank you for your comment Angela!

      I agree, it all comes down to being open. It's hard for me in all mediums, so I'm slowly working on that. I'm curious to see where it takes me!

  2. I like reading about almost anything if it's written from the heart. I'm not looking for perfect grammar or perfect sentences. I'm looking for authenticity. Even if you are reserved and don't share your private self you can still express yourself authentically and we readers know when someone is being authentic. I think the most important thing is to write about what gives you joy and if you do that, your readers will feel your passion.

    1. Thank you for all your comments JarieLyn!

      I understand what you're saying and agree with it. That's what I think as a reader as well. As a writer, however, that's what I've struggled with a lot. It's not like I was being deceitful, but sharing is hard. I have been more open than before and absolutely genuine this week and I already feel the difference. I am getting a different response! I really appreciate the comments :)

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