Monday, February 23, 2015

Mail Monday

I sent some mail last week. The envelopes weren't particularly innovative, but at least the contents were something a little out of the ordinary. Last week was Chinese New Year, the Year of the Ram started on Thursday. Even though we don't really celebrate it, I still like to send good wishes by mail. I figure no one gets too much good luck sent to them, right?

Year of the Ram I really like the stamps Canada Post issued for the lunar new year!

Is it just me or does it look like that ram is shaking it? Like he's hearing HIS SONG and just have to boogie! Maybe he's twerking, what do you think?

Red envelopes I made a few small envelopes out of book pages and added those in the mail as well. It's tradition to give out red envelopes with money in them. I figured chocolate coins will do the trick too.


Incoming letters from the UK I had a really good mail day on Thursday! I got two letters from the UK, one of them to replace the one that got away. How amazing are those Alice in Wonderland stamps?

Do you ever feel stamp-envy? It happens to me quite often :)


  1. ALICE STAMPS!! OMG! (Ruotsissa ei koskaan oo mitään kivoja stämpsei :( Aina tosi tylsiä.. )

    1. Taalla on kanssa aika usein tosi tylsia merkkeja. Aina valilla ne onnistuu, mutta harvemmin. Suomessahan on ihan alyttoman siisteja merkkeja aina valilla, voisivat ottaa oppia!