Saturday, February 21, 2015

One week, 5 posts

It's now been a week since decided to come back to my blog. It wasn't one of those large scale resolutions, but just the thought that I missed it. I had no real goals about it besides just wanting to write again and I was surprised how easy it was. Somehow I managed to write five posts, including this one, without really having to think too much about it.

I was worried about being able to find things to write about, but that wasn't hard. It was more of a challenge to find the time. That will be an ongoing struggle, but I think that if I keep this up, I won't waste time thinking about what to write, and just do it when I get a moment.

hippie van Due to my pedantic nature I am really tempted to make more specific plans and schedules. I feel an urgent need to set goals and a detailed road map...

Have I ever mentioned how I'm a natural project manager? Like, to the point that I like statistics and Excel sheets? I really like to break large concepts into smaller pieces and then make a plan to achieve it all?

Maybe one day I will get there with my blogging, but right this moment it feels too constrictive of what I want to do. I just want to write about silly things and some not-so-silly ones. I'll want to write every day or once a month, depending on how I feel. It's a new way for me, so again, I'll just leave it at that.

Less self-censored writing and a little more silliness.

fermenting cellar The biggest obstacle right now is actually photos. I need to get into taking more photos and figure out a new routine for editing them. So far the photos on my posts have not had much to do with the text. I'll take that on as the next issue to tackle!


  1. Love the bottom photo. Allowing yourself no rules for writing sounds like a good plan. Keep it up. You're doing good so far.

    1. Thank you! It's actually really hard for me to not have any rules. But it's all a part of a new way of writing for me. I appreciate the support!

      and I really like the bottom photo too :)

  2. Kiitos Jenni! On ollut ikava muuta kirjoittamista, joten muita aiheita tulee ihan varmasti. Yritan tuoda postiaiheisia juttuja vaan silloin kuin tulee jotain oleellisen tuntuista sanottavaa.