Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Back home from NYC!

As you might or might not have known, Chris and I were in New York City for the weekend. We only got home late last night. The trip was a whole lot of fun and I am now tired and sore from all the walking. I have a ton of photos and other New York-y things to share with you guys! (I took around 400 photos, so I'll need to go through, and edit, those)

Here's an unedited peek:

I will need today to regroup my thoughts. I have an event coming up at the McGill university next week, I need to prepare for that. I also have some new plans for the shop. And not to mention some more tutorials! I really got into those as the ideas just kept on coming!

Right now I need to get organized again, so I shall return soon with more coherent posts! In the mean time, how are you guys? Tell me what you've been up to recently!


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