Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday mail

And so it is Monday again. Somehow we got here faster than last time, I feel. It's only in my head, I know, but I really felt the last week just slipped by. Perhaps because I was making tiny notebooks for most of the week...

I have gotten back on the proverbial saddle when it comes to outgoing mail. One thing I just noticed when I was editing the photos for this post; I almost always take a photo of the incoming mail before I open it. Somehow it made sense to me. This week, both of the letters were opened before I took the photos. Usually I take my time when I receive something. I might make a cup of tea first or at least make sure I have time to read them properly. This week I felt like I needed the distraction immediately. So, this time the letters were read first and only then photographed. Do you think the order makes any difference?


Mail Love - Outgoing
Just yesterday I showed you some of the books I found recently and mentioned how I wanted to make dessert envelopes... Well, I really, really wanted to make them, so here's the first one already. I will actually make a set or two for the shop soon, so you can soon mail some pastries too!

Mail Love - Outgoing
A silver envelope decorated with the new washi tape I bought from my recent trip to New York City and a new art deco stamps I finally received from the post office.

There was also a few other things going out that I felt didn't need to be added to this post for various reasons.


Mail Love - Incoming
A lovely letter from Susanne with pretty handwriting, nice stamps and, of course, Korean stickers!

Mail Love - Incoming
This green hued guy is from Laura. I really like the tapes!

So, how are you doing today?


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