Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Coloring Book Snail Mail Tutorial

Yeah, that's right!

This is actually a fun little project, and super cheap, that I came up with quite accidentally. Let me tell you how I became to own a Batman coloring book.

I have awesome friends and some of those said friends are totally cool with (or in tune with their inner/outer nerds) liking awesome things like Batman. So, as it happens I went to Dollarama (I can't tell you often enough how much awesome stuff they have, seriously) to look for bubble-wrap and saw these glossy and awesome Batman booklets over at the kids section. I open one of them and find it's a coloring book and, more importantly, it comes with stickers. Immediately I'm thinking of Mary and decide to purchase this booklet so I can send her Batman stickers.

The sheet of stickers was too large to send in one piece, so I sat down to start cutting them into smaller pieces. As I was doing that I realized I could use the pages and covers too... And I realized tht there are two other peeps I know who would totally appreciate superhero mail, Sanna and Erli. So, I ended up making two lined envelopes, two cards and some Batman confetti.

Coloring book snail mail DIY This is how you can make something similar as well.

Coloring book snail mail DIY 3 Take the booklet apart carefully, you'll want to keep the pages fully intact, not cut in half. This shouldn't be hard as the cheap-o dollarstore booklet was stapled together. Cut the pages into envelope shapes**. You can use an envelope template to do so. To learn how to make one yourself, check the envelope template tutorial HERE.

Coloring book snail mail DIY  4 Cut the lining shapes**.

**Note: Pick the pages for the envelopes first. You'll need, not only bigger pictures, but the ones that have a focus on the middle of the page. Then you can pick the best ones from the leftovers for the lining.

Would you guys want an envelope making tutorial as well? A kind of a basic how-to which you can apply to a whole lot of other projects?

This and other DIY's at Assemble the envelopes.

Coloring book snail mail DIY 6 Cut the covers of the coloring book into cards.

Coloring book snail mail DIY 7 Finally, cut any leftover paper snippets with cool pictures into confetti to stuff the envelopes with.

And of course, no comicbook-superhero-snailmail-awesomeness is even complete without a speech bubble address label. Drawn on paper and glued on the envelope.

And, done!

Now, tell me is this the coolest, most awesometastic snailmail DIY ever??? Geekiest for sure!?!

Edit: added a link to the envelope template tutorial.


  1. oooh I absolutely love this idea!! I'm so gonna borrow it :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. ♥ Still speechless. Loved it soooo much I can't find words! :D

    1. This makes me so happy! I always like when my nerdy endeavors are appreciated :D

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I'm so happy to hear you like it!

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