Thursday, May 9, 2013

Check-up time

I took the cats to the vet yesterday, it was time to get their yearly check-up dome and vaccines up to date. Let me tell you, they were not happy.

George, obviously the clever one of the two, hid from the vet in this ingenious spot. Certainly if he can't see the vet, the vet can't see him, which then leads him to escape getting his shots and whatever other unpleasant things the vet would have in store for him...

George's feelings are hurt
Everything went well, with only a fair amount of hissing (from the cats, I was good), and we got back home in a reasonable time. Obviously I did have to deal with some hurt feelings and accusatory looks...

I am trying to be funny, but in all honesty, the vet is amazing! If you live in Montreal and are looking for a vet for your cat, you need to go to Clinique Vétérinaire Féline. They specialize and only treat cats and the entire staff is phenomenal. They are so nice and they all absolutely love cats. You know you're pet is in good hands there. I just can't express how amazing these ladies are! If you are looking for a vet, give them a call and ask for Dr. Farley. I'm not sure if Dr. Trudel is still there, but she's lovely as well. You can't go wrong here.

Tell them George and Gossamer sent you!


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