Sunday, May 19, 2013

Link Love on Sunday

I actually quite liked last weeks Link Love for your Sunday post. Did you enjoy it?

Vines on a red wall - Montreal Since then, I've found some other quite interesting things to share with you. Please enjoy a few more below:

Sometimes Sweet - I found this blog a little while ago and enjoy myself tremendously every time I drop by. Danielle posts often and has an interesting writing style, so I'm always entertained. Even though I don't have kids and very rarely read so-called "mommy blogs", since I rarely find myself relating to things they talk about (well, quite obviously),  I just love hers. And I do have a weakness to girls with tattoos!

How to make friends when you're old - Who couldn't use a few more friends? Interesting read.

Treasure hunting with Freckled Nest - As you know I love rummaging through thrift stores, so I was excited to come by this post by the Freckled Nest. I like hearing what are other people looking for.

Craft Fail - I promise this site will make you feel much better when your creations won't look as good as the ones you saw on Pinterest.

So, what do you guys think; do you like these link-sharing posts? Is there something you'd like to share? Please leave links you love in the comments!


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