Monday, May 13, 2013

Mail Monday

Hello, hello! Did you have a good weekend?

Mine was quite lovely for the most part. On Saturday we attended a birthday party for a young man turning 1. It was nice to see the family, since they live a bit further from us and we haven't had a chance to see them very often.  Then later we attended another birthday party, this time for a young man turning 32. It wasn't quite the same kind of a party, but both were fun.

The reason why I said 'for the most part' was because, unfortunately, as we intended to continue the second birthday celebration with some cheesecake at the birthday celebrators home, we arrive to find his front door unlocked. Turns out someone had broken into his place while he was gone. Luckily, whoever did this was long gone and the only thing they managed to steal was a laptop! This naturally does not make things ok, but at least nothing was really broken and no major damage done, except, of course, to everyone's sense of security.

Well, all we can hope is that whoever did this gets caught.

After an eventful Saturday, Sunday was much calmer. I took full advantage of a free afternoon and caught up on my correspondence.



The first outgoing mail is a gold, black and white ensemble. It's mainly decorated with washi- and other decorative tapes, including the first time I'm using the flying pigs tape I got from my sister a little while back. She also sent me the awesome retro camera one. To add to the goldiness of it all are some starburst stickers. And I finally got a sheet of the Chinatown gates stamps, I talked about a little while back! How awesome are they!?

Mail Love - Outgoing
After gold comes silver. Well, silver and pink. This is going to my grandma, so I felt you can't go wrong with a whole lot of pink. And some extra flowers, just for good measure. She'll like this. She's not too old school when it comes to decorating her mail either. She goes a little nuts with stickers, so maybe it's a genetic flaw quirk...

Mail Love - Outgoing
Talking of which... It's been like... what? a few weeks since the last time I went overboard with some airmail love?! Turns out there are, in fact, a few people still who haven't received one of these from me. This is my first letter to Jenni, so I figured I might as well show her what she got herself into when she agreed to see if we'll hit it off postally....

Mail Love - Outgoing
And finally something a little different. I played around with some paints a little while ago and tried out a few different approaches with it. I actually quite like this one, but turns out it's hard to take photos of. The envelope has interesting textures and two different pink paints. One of them with glitter. On top of the paint, I've added some other embellishments. I really like the feel of it, I think I'll need to explore this method a little further.


Mail Love - Incoming
The first flowery envelope is from Jenni. I love the spring feel of the envelope and really like how it was sewed together. (Wait. Sewn together? Sewed? "Sewn" sounds better, no?)

Mail Love - Incoming
The second incoming letter, which, by the way, arrived the same day as the first one, is from Susanne. It's funny how it goes, you don't get any mail for a while and then things arrive at the same time. Not that I'm complaining! I think that's just one of the natural laws of mail delivery.

Thank you ladies!


  1. I love the new background matching behind the envelopes!

    1. Thank you! I've been trying it out now a little while and I'm so glad you noticed. I like matching them, even though it adds to the time I need to take photos.