Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Mail

Yay! It's mail time again!


Mail Love - Outgoing
I still believe I can't go too far when it comes to decorating envelopes.

Mail Love - Outgoing (1 of 2 - front)
Mail Love - Outgoing (1 of 2 - back) This one was something different from the usual... I actually wrote the letter at the cottage and I didn't have my usual arsenal of materials with me, so I had to get creative. The front has random decorations basically built around the stamps and the back has drawings of items that happened to be at the table. I was writing the letter on the dining table, so there was quite a few things there.


Mail Love - Incoming
Check out this package! How cool is this?

Mail Love - Incoming
A letter from Susanne as well. All gold and polkadotty.

Good week of mail, I must say!