Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Inspiration

Since it seems like I have a one track mind, today's inspiration is (can you guess it? if not, check previous post) craft spaces! As my crafts business is starting to grow, I need a functional space that's inspiring at the same time.

Photo through Pinterest

This is clearly a trial and error type of a process, but looking at inspiring spaces from others never hurt...

Photo through Pinterest

For comparison, my own space from about two years ago, soon after moving into our current place. Oh, how optimistic I was being then! (a.k.a. "sure this closet will be large enough, I'm just happy to have my own space")

As I go along in this (never-ending?) project, I'll post some updates as I have them. Clicking on the photos you can see my Pinterest board for inspiring spaces and clever storage solutions.


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