Thursday, December 29, 2011

Time for a clean up

It's something I've been pushing off for a while. I know it's just waiting for me to get started, but somehow there's always something more pressing to do (like, you know, reading... eating the last of the Christmas chocolates... that sort of pressing obligations). That's cleaning up the craft space. I know that I'll be very happy once it's done. I also know I will find all these things I totally forgot about. It's just a monumental task to start. Now would be a good time too, since I have a few days without anything particular on the agenda.

So, I finally did get a move on. I tidied my desk and craft closet, so it doesn't look too bad. The biggest job has only started though. I'm going through boxes of paper. I have a tendency to save all sorts of pieces of paper, but after a while they start to get out of hand. Since I use paper in practically all my crafts, it piles up. To make it slightly more manageable I started going through all the piles and boxes and cutting the paper into appropriate sizes. At least they'll be easier to store afterwards.

I feel extra organized since I made tiny labels with the actual sizes written on them! (what do you mean, "avoiding the actual work"?)

I feel nice to have made some serious progress today. Of course I try to avoid thinking that this is only a fraction what's waiting for me...


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