Monday, December 19, 2011

Gingerbread Houses

It's been a tradition since I was a kid that we'd always have a gingerbread house. I've kept the tradition alive and still insist on assembling one every year.

This was the house in 2006. We tend to make it a competition and somehow it made sense to divide the house from the middle. Does that make it a semi-detached?

We were a bit more coordinated with the 2007 house. We also took part in a competition at my husband's office. We didn't win. Which is probably a good thing since in hindsight I think it was a competition for kids. (In our defence, we weren't the only non-kids attending)

House from 2010. Definitely not our best work, but at least we worked together that time...

This year it's time for something different. We're attempting to put together a gingerbread train. No idea how that'll work out, but I will definitely post some photos once we get assembling.


  1. You've kept this going! Awesome! And they're so pretty! (even the devided house haha XD)
    I've been meant to make a gingerbread-house every year since the last time we made one at home....but pffff, always I forget or don't have time!
    I doubt I have time this year either...X'D

    Hope to see a pic of your this year's house ÖvÖ~ (maybe I get to challenge you next year with mine >8D)

  2. Yup, I've insisted on doing this! We actually finished this year's gingerbread project, so I'll post photos soon.

    And you got yourself a challenge. Next year the gingerbread challenge is on! Like Donkey Kong!

  3. haha yeeeahh! Totally, it is on!!
    ( I have a year to try to remember and learn to top those cooler than cool that you make! XD oh man that train is the most awesome! <3)