Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Inspiration

I've been thinking a lot about gift wrapping recently. I have friends and family all the way in Finland, so if I  want them to get their presents on time, they need to be in the mail latest now. I spent a day wrapping some presents and am happy to say that the ones going to Europe are now done.

Photo from Pinterest

 I've always liked wrapping presents, so it's not even a chore for me. I do, however, try to come up with innovative ways to pack some of the gifts. And, as I'm always interested in upcycling, so I was looking for some inspiration online for re-using different types of paper.

Photo from Pinterest

Additionally, I also love experimenting with non-traditional Christmas colours (Are there any?) and different types of decorating. The pictures on this post are great examples of clever ways to pack gifts this year.

Photo from Pinterest

How do you wrap your presents (Christmas or any other occasion)?


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