Monday, May 7, 2012

Back home from Ottawa

Like mentioned, I was in Ottawa for the weekend. The main purpose of the trip was to make prototypes for the upcoming wedding and I have to say we did extremely well. We managed to make several prototypes of things that will, for sure, make it to the wedding. Of course, this means there's not a whole lot to show you yet.

There was plenty of cutting, measuring, gluing and designing going on. These are the only photos I can show you right now...

The weekend was a blast. How could you not love making stuff all weekend? Oh, combine crafting with eating and drinking well and it gets even better.

See, add these to the crafting table and you're good for hours!

I took some photos from around Ottawa when we went for brunch on Sunday, I'll post those soon.

P.S. If you are craftily inclined and if you live in a place that gives you access to a Michaels craft store (Quebec does not have one, yet. I hear one is opening up though...), you might want to drop by. We went in for materials for our prototypes and found out almost everything was 40% off. Check if this sale applies to your local shop! This is a good time to stock up! Just saying...


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