Sunday, May 6, 2012

Questionable trending

As much as I love following fashion and trends, every now and then I run into a few that leave me confused or even baffled. By this I don't mean that something looks good, but I wouldn't try it out myself (which happens all the time) but those WTF moments...

The latest one of those is the clear shoes.

Don't know what that is? No worries: clear shoes are exactly what they sound like. Shoes made out of completely see-through, clear material. A.k.a. plastic.

This is the predecessor of the somewhat recent rise (or attempt at least) of the see-through bag/purse/clutch. (Which, like with this one, I applaud the idea, but am baffled by the execution for two reasons: 1) your bag has to be extremely organized and not have random crap like receipts floating around and 2) wouldn't that show the potential purse thief exactly what's in there and if its worth stealing?)

Photos from here, here and here

Now, I can actually appreciate the novelty of this. I really can. They do create a very interesting visual and can look pretty funky when done right. (and to clarify, I am talking about the recent updates to this type of shoes, not their predecessor, the proverbial stripper-heel)

What I don't understand is the execution and practicality of this. Without getting too graphic, I will skip the more... umm... life-like (!) examples and just say this:

Since these are plastic (or some other presumably water resistant material) and most often worn on bare feet, what happens when it rains?

I mean think about it... What will these look like when water gets on the inside of the shoe? Let alone wearing these when it's warm outside combined with rigorous walking around? I don't even want to mention attending an outside music festival/concert... I'm sure you catch my drift...

Where did this come from? Presumably Prada spring 2010. I know it wasn't started there, but those got the most visibility. In all honesty, I was baffled by those shoes. Especially the ones with the chandelier look. However, all was soon forgiven since the Prada Fall 2010 shoes were phenomenal. I still dream of them! Anyhow, the plastic/PVC/Lucite shoes needed a bit of time to digest, but looks like they are coming. Check street style blogs and see that the culprit is Cheap Monday SS2011. Marc Jacobs had some in the SS12 collection. Looks like this time it might come for real...


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