Thursday, May 10, 2012

How to display your shoe love

Love shoes? You might want to check this out...

I've been thinking for a long while how to store and display my shoes at home. I finally came up with the perfect solution.

Isn't it gorgeous? I'm so incredibly happy with this! I wanted a way to have my shoes easily visible and accessible when I'm getting dressed. I also wanted the whole set up to look nice. Honestly, I look at this every day, so why not make it look nice. I wanted it to almost look like a shop. Shopping in your own closet! Isn't that like the best thing to do?

This whole thing was relatively simple. The closet is in our entryway and really a very basic closet. It's a nice size, but a little dark. So, I had a few different ideas, but the glass shelves worked out the best. They are from Ikea and called Linjal. I'm not excited every time I look into that closet. Some of the shoes are still looking for their places. I have to decide which ones to keep there and which ones to pack away. But this is really pretty fun.

Maybe I need to start shopping for more shoes to make sure I can keep changing it frequently... (this makes total sense. Right?)


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