Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday inspiration

If you are like me and aren't much of a cook, then this Friday post is for you!

I have a few go to recipes I make often and I sometimes like to try out new stuff. I am a creative person in many ways, but cooking really isn't one of them. So, when I found this online tool, I was sold!

Basic idea is that you can either just randomly browse recipes (both food and drink) but this site really shines when you start entering details yourself.

You can enter what you crave. Let's say I want to have tacos. Then you enter what ingredients you have; I have chicken and avocados. And finally, if you want, you can enter what you don't want. Say, I'm having friends over who can't have dairy. Or I just really don't like tomatoes (crazy person). Enter the details and you get results.

I think this is especially handy if you're feeling lazy and don't want to go to the store... (shockingly this is the suggestion I come up with...) Just enter what you have at home and see the suggestions. You can use any of the features alone or combined. I only just discovered this site a few days ago, but so far it seems great. The only criticism at this point is that you can't clear all your selections at one go. Well, at least I have found it yet. There are some additional cool features I haven't yet tried. I'll test it out and see if it's worth to write about in more detail.

Let's not forget that the photos are amazing. That alone makes it worth a visit at least.

Have you tried Gojee? What do you think?


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