Monday, September 10, 2012

A cup of tea and some mail

I haven't had seasonal allergies in a long time. I assume I went through enough when I was a kid. However, for some reason I'm feeling pretty stuffy right now. It's either allergies or I'm getting a cold. Neither option sounds too appealing. I've been trying to drink a lot of tea, enough to make my friend Anna proud of me.

I generally live on coffee, but tea has it's place. I've recently discovered a brand called Stash Tea and I've possibly found my new favourite flavor. Licorice Spice! It's even caffeine free, which is a shock to me, but it's amazing. If you get a chance, try it out!

Do you have a favourite tea?

On to some mail...


mail Love, incoming

I had quite a surprie waiting for me in the mail... My friend Nina sent me a surprise from the UK. I forgot to take a photo of what she sent me, sorry about that. She sent me a Cath Kidson Sticker booklet with labels (if you're getting mail from me, just wait and see) and a cute dish towel. She even wrapped them in paper with the London underground map. Thanks Nina!


Mail love - outgoing
I sent a letter to Massachusetts in a handmade envelope made of a page from a French cookbook

Mail love - outgoing

And I sent out a package to NYC decorated with a handmade hot air balloon stamp.

So how was your weekend?


  1. Oh, I love that package from the UK. Cath Kidson was everywhere when I visited there. I so wanted a nifty Cath Kidson bag, but couldn't justify the cost considering I don't usually carry a bag with me. But the stickers, oh la la! :)

    1. I've only heard about and seen Cath Kidston (sorry, my bad, I spelled it wrong first) online and really liked what I saw. You can imagine my excitedness once I opened the package. I can't wait to start using them in some outgoing mail and a few other projects I have in mind...

  2. I've been sending some rather bulky mail your way. I hope it doesn't get in trouble in customs.