Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Threat or opportunity? Discuss.

Shooting zombies

 One day, when I grow up, I will have one of the Time Crisis arcade machines at home. (OK, maybe not at home, but maybe one day I'll end up working at one of those cool offices with other games than foozball (nothing wrong with foozball, except I suck at it. I'm pretty good at some classic arcade games, so that would be much more impressive)) like arcade game number 1, Time Crisis (any one of them will do, but I'm really good at Time Crisis 3).

That's the dream. Until then I will make do with shooting zombies and whathaveyou. At least I get my very own plastic gun while doing so.

(Too much sugar for one night? I think not! Yet on a completely unrelated note we're running low on cookies)


  1. Ooh! I wants a an arcade machine at home as well! Olis kyllä aaaika käheetä! :)

    1. Joku paiva viela... Voi olla sama paiva kun mulla on sen kokonen kamppa, etta sinne menee heittamalla arcade machine.