Monday, September 24, 2012

Mail Monday

Happy Monday everybody! How has your week started?

Last week was a good mail week again. So, without further ado;


Mail Love - outgoing
I did go a tad overboard with this one. I started writing a letter, which ended being a whole lot longer than I thought it would. There was a point I was thinking of just wrapping it up, but got into something else and went on for four more pages. This is how I write, I start with a topic in mind, but then remember something else or go completely off topic. My letter are quite rambly.

I tried a new technique on the envelope and added a few little things I thought the recipient would like. All in all, this was quite something. I can sigh a relief once it gets to it's destination...

(Oh, sorry for the weird editing of the address. I usually try to just cover it up, but this time I have so much trouble with Picasa. I redid this photo a number of times and then gave up when it still didn't work)


Mail Love - incoming
I got a lovely letter from Laura of "Please deliver to". She answered a rather random question I posed a little while ago. Much appreciated Laura!

Mail Love - incoming
I also got this Instagram-ish postcard from Susanne. It has a Helsinki tram on it. Man, I really liked taking the tram, we don't have those here in Montreal.

There were obviously some orders as well, but I didn't come up with anything you haven't seen before with them, so you can just use your imagination.

So, did the mailman/woman mailperson bring you anything good last week?


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