Sunday, September 30, 2012

More book talk for Sunday

Once I got onto the topic, I have a hard time stop talking about it. I'll try to limit the amount of book-related posts...

Since the original book-post a few days ago I've already added a few friends as reading pals (it's not called that, I just felt it would be appropriate) and had a nice exchange about a great book. I also now have some book lists to review and compare to mine. So exciting! However, one can never have too many books (in this case I mean to read, but it applies as a general rule). I think I'll start a new notebook list of books.

Do you have recommendations? What's your favourite book? Any genre will work, I do have my favourites, but will happily try out others too!

I am a sucker for historical fiction. I know I've mentioned my history nerdiness before, but there's nothing better than a well written book where the story is part fiction but the premise hugely accurate. I've also noticed that often I unintentionally start reading more about a specific period of time in history or specific people. When I realize what I'm doing, I start collecting whatever I can and (yes! I told you, I'm a huge nerd) end up studying so much that I could probably write a pretty decent paper and give a lesson on the topic. I obviously don't base this all on fiction, but once I get fascinated about a period, I start adding nonfiction in the mix as well. (This is not how I read all the time, but end up doing it maybe once or twice a year)

I do read a whole lot of other genres as well, I just get the most excited about history. To me the genre is not as important as the fluent writing and the logic behind a story. Not sure if that makes sense, so let me try to explain... The story doesn't have to be realistic (it can be fantasy, have magic or hobbits or whathaveyou) but it has to be logical in it's own world. Nothing deters me more from enjoying a book than completely illogical plot turns. I'm fine if the characters make unexpected choices (in fact that can be great) but not when things don't make sense logically.

Also, editing is key! There are so many books that could be great if they would've lost that extra 100 pages that were totally unnecessary to the story. Take a look at Laura's A+ quick analysis of Wild Swans in the comment section of the book-post.

I realize I just said editing is key and here I am, rambling away... What I really wanted to share with you guys is the video below my sister showed me:

Send me your recommendations (of books mainly, unless you have a kick as reading position you'd like to share)! Please?


  1. In historical fiction I've been reading Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall and Bring Up The Bodies, but I think I told you that already.

    Also one of my favourite historical fiction books is The Princess de Cléves - it's very short, but I really related to it.

    According to Goodreads we have 75% similar taste in the books we've read.

    1. I do remember the name of the first one. Haven't read it yet, but it is on the list. Adding the second one too. I'm not too shocked about our pretty similar taste in books. I'm very curious about the things we disagree on though...

  2. My number one historical fiction recommendation is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, which, coincidentally, is my favourite book of all time. This comment actually links up with your recent tattoo post (look at me! Comment productivity up the freaking wazoo!!) because I plan on getting an illustration from the book as a tattoo later this year.

    Also, that youtube video?! HOLY MOLY. It's like she captured the plight of all book lovers everywhere. However, I am lucky enough that I found the most perfect couch to read in. It's narrow enough that I can sit sideways, with my feet over the side and my head supported; it's large enough that I can slouch down with my feet on the ottoman. It's like the mother flipping goldilocks of reading couches.

    1. This is another book that sounds somewhat familiar. I haven't read it though, so it goes on the list too. Especially if there's a tattoo coming soon! I'm supercurious (see, not just hipster-such. hahahaaa, I'm hilarious! *crickets*)

      When I first saw the video I was relating like nobody's business. It's so true. Tragic, but true. Sounds like you have a pretty sweet couch there. I dig mine a lot, but not so much for reading, although I make due. I've perfected the reading in bed though. Lie on your side, prop the book up with another pillow, after years of trying I've near perfected it. The downfall is that I feel it requires a larger bed. Which I have, but I also have a husband. There might have been an unfortunate book in the face situation a little while back. I've yet to live it down.