Sunday, March 24, 2013

So awesome! - about stamps

I just had to come by to share my excitement with you guys! I just managed to snatch up a whole bunch of vintage stamps from an auction! Score! Super excited! (How nerdy!)

I actually have a whole lot of mail-related stuff to make today, so be prepared for a lot of snailmail-ness in the next week or so. I guess there really isn't a better way to start a day like this than with a bunch of vintage stamps coming my way.

Source: via Katri on Pinterest

I would also like to admit that I was wrong. Just as I had mentioned that the more common Canadian stamps are a bit boring, a whole bunch of awesome ones came out! Well, the photos became available as the stamps are coming out in the next month or two. How amazing are these Chinatown Gates! There's a bunch of other cool ones too! I'm sorry Canada Post, I take it back!

How picky are you about the stamps you use? 


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