Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mail Love - Letter from the beach

I live just up the street from the beach (yes, Toronto has them) and finally managed to go enjoy it a few weeks ago. We've been walking on the boardwalk numerous times and I've even gone jogging along the beach, but we've never really just gone to spend a leisurely afternoon there. We had a picnic by the beach a few weeks ago on Canada day and it was awesome. Will definitely do that again soon!

In that one afternoon I managed, besides eating a picnic lunch and strolling on the beach a bit, write one letter. I don't usually show the insides of the letters much, but this was a fun little collection of beachy things, so I figured I'd share it.

Outgoing mail, July 2014

Once I got home with my letter, I made an envelope out of appropriately patterned paper (see the tutorial HERE for how to make envelopes). I also wanted to add a little extra flair, so I made a teeny tiny string of flags to tie the letter with. It's very easy to make, but if you want a tutorial, let me know. I'll be happy to write one!

The beach here is mainly sand, but has some nice smooth rocks as well. I wanted to find a few nice pieces of sea glass to add to the letter, but it was practically nonexistent, I only found one tiny piece. I did find some tiny round rocks though.

Outgoing mail, July 2014 I didn't want to send a few rocks (and that one scrawny sea glass) just by themselves, so I made a little souvenir out of them. I went through my stacks of maps and found a small one of Toronto. I cut it to size, marked where the beach is and sealed it all into a little plastic sleeve. Finally, I tied the whole lot together with the string of flags.

It turned out quite nice, so I'll certainly use this for inspiration for future mail.

Out of curiosity, what's the most random thing you've either sent or received in the mail?


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