Saturday, July 26, 2014

Repurpose - Button envelopes

Repurposing everyday items I recently went shopping for some new clothes. Not my favorite pastime, but I desperately needed some new summer gear. I found a few things I needed and as I got home, I removed some of the tags. A pair of shorts I bought had one of those little pouches for the extra button.

Repurposing everyday items I really liked the shape and size of it, so I wanted to make some for later use. You cant have too many tiny envelopes, right?

Repurposing everyday items I took the envelope apart from the seams and modified it a little bit. Basically I just thought the flap to close the envelope was unnecessarily long, so I just cut off a little bit. If you do something like this, just make sure to check that the flap still covers the opening.

Once you're happy with the shape, use THIS tutorial to make a template.

Repurposing everyday items If you like to save the buttons in the envelopes they come in, you can just glue it back together afterwards. These are usually very sturdy.


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