Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Travelling crafter - the bare essentials

When I travel I like to have the option to do a little bit of crafting if the creative mood strikes me. I use my daily planner as a scrapbook alternative and I try to send at least a few postcards, maybe even a short letter if I get the chance. Because of the potential for little crafting, I like to be prepared whenever I'm on the road, so to say.

I have written about a more extensive traveling mail art/craft kit before HERE

This time I'm only in Montreal, a city I lived in for 8 years, so I don't really feel like I'm *really* traveling. I am, however, away from my regular masses of craft supplies, so I put together a few essentials. I only packed a carry-on for my flight, so this means there is no extra room for things I might not absolutely need. This also means I had to  really figure out what are the absolute necessities. This is what I came up with:

Travel craft kit

Two pens (2 for pen related catastrophes or various writing surfaces, of course)
A pencil
Glue roller
Two rolls of thin washi tape
Scissors (which I realized later I couldn't bring after all. You know, because flying)

And, as before, everything is packed in the highly professional, not to mention adult-y, panda pouch. For street cred, obviously.

I'm thinking I probably could've managed without the tapes and maybe with one pen (but having only one pen is just madness..).

Anyhow, I'll report back how I did with this kit.
What do you think? Did I forgot something? Would you take more items? Less? What would you pack?


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