Monday, July 14, 2014

DIY - Bright confetti mail

I really love transparent and see-through mail. I've sent some before, you can see examples HERE, HERE and HERE, and I felt it was time for more.

Transparent mail with confetti
This time I sent out a few birthday cards and some crazy-colorful beginning of summer mail. I found some hot pink flamingo cocktail sticks, so those naturally had to be included in the mail. I made envelopes out of the most colorful and summery paper I had.

Summer mail
For detailed instructions how to make envelopes check out THIS tutorial.

I wanted the theme to continue on the inside as well, so I used different kinds of colorful cards. I also cut out flowers and other pictures from the leftover paper, as well as used a paper punch to cut out tiny shapes from a neon paper.

Transparent mail with confetti, closeup
I finally packed the envelopes in a plastic sleeve. If you don't have any, you can also make see-through envelopes using THIS tutorial.

Seethrough mail with confetti This was a very simple project, but so much fun. I think the confetti really adds something special!


  1. Oh, these are pretty! I bet whoever receives them will be so very happy to find an envelope like that in their mailbox :)

    1. Thanks Caddi! It was exactly my goal to make the recipients happy. I hope it worked!