Monday, July 21, 2014

Mail Monday

Woohoo! Current mail that was sent last week! Finally on track with that!


Outgoing, pink and purple This first one is a combination of Korean candy packaging and a pretty nifty envelope DIY (I'll write a tutorial soon). I like the stamps too, I think they definitely add to the look.

Outgoing, Pink and yellow patterns Second is a crazy pattern combo that somehow just works. Or at least I think so. This one didn't have stamps when I took the photo. I wanted to take it to the post office, since it was a little thicker than usual. They had to add one of those large printed stickers on it, instead of individual stamps, so I don't think the photo after that would've been very fun.

Outgoing, yellow and green Finally a bright yellow washi tape creation. Washi tape does add to an envelope even in a hurry, just like Caddi mentioned in the comments of a recent post.


Incoming postcards It was a good week for postcards.

Incoming, black polkadots Black envelope with washi tape accents, filled with chocolate. Double awesome! If you wonder about the handwriting, it's the result of a cast on the stronger hand and having to write with her left...

Incoming, book art And last, but not least, a large envelope with decorations cut from an old book containing a letter and a book sent by my favorite librarian! How amazing is that!?

Did you get good things in the mail in the last week?