Thursday, March 22, 2012

Correction to the below

Ok, I get it. Eating right and exercising does make you feel better. Yes, yes...  I get it. I'm just in pain right now.

The weather here has been incredible, which means it's time to go jogging. I get the point and really, really want to like it. But, right now I'm in pain and my knees sound like... actually, I have no idea what they sound like. I would imagine in general your knees shouldn't sound like anything. (I would also imagine trying to open a 100 year old door with rusted hinges might sound like my knees. )

Unrelated picture is not completely unrelated today, I sometimes go running around here.

So, this means I have learned to NOT go jogging three days in a row, even if you're not running far.

I have also come to the realization that even though I am generally a patient person, waiting for results of exercising and/or eating healthy does not fall within the category of things to wait patiently for.

And finally, I should maybe re-think the thought process on running. To me, if you don't feel like dying after a jog means you're doing it wrong.

Conclusion: I should start eating more ice-cream!


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