Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Inspiration

I've been thinking about clothes a lot recently. I think it was the Vintage Mart sale that really got me into the mood. I've always liked clothes and fashion, but not necessarily shopping so much (except for shoes). The dream would be to have a personal shopper who would just do the leg work for me... And since I'm in dreamland, I would like to have a personal shopper who would try on the clothes for me and then they would just appear in my closet.

Don't get me wrong though, I love going through racks of vintage clothes and trying to find the treasures from the trash. I really like that part. I just don't like the putting a million things on part. I've also found that many vintage pieces are smaller sizes. Being over 170cm tall (that's 5.7 feet I guess) most things are way too short, not to mention being... well, curvy, which doesn't really help fitting into these things either.

I'm not only dressing in vintage through. Quite the opposite actually, I find it would look way too costume-like if I were to dress head to toe in vintage. I do follow what's going on in the fashion world somewhat regularly and do get a lot of inspiration from there as well (oh, if I only had the budget to match my dreamland personal shopper/clothes-tryer-on-er <-- totally a word).

Photo from the Sartorialist

After all that forewarning, today's inspiration comes from Burberry (yeah, I know, pretty far from my usual Friday inspiration posts). There's something about this look that caught my eye. I think it's the fact that, from the waist down, I would love to own this outfit. The top is a bit too out there for me personally, but it's not often I see something I would love to own (and would want to wear) straight off the runway. And to be honest, I do love the jacket too. And the gloves. I have no idea what the top looks like, but I'm pretty sure I'd love that too.

So, it's clothes I've been thinking about besides crafts (I never stop thinking about crafts). I know myself well enough to know (and be able to warn you in advance) as the spring starts drawing closer, I get more and more into clothes. I know it'll spill over here too, I can't help it.

So, that's my inspiration for this Friday. Anyone else thinking of spring yet?


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