Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Inspiration

So, are you annoyed already by me telling you how wonderful the weather is? (My apologies especially to my lovely Finnish readers!) Sorry about that, but it is pretty phenomenal.

Anyhow, because of the weather, I'm thinking about spending time outside. Now, as mentioned before, I'm not a natur-y type of a person. In fact, I might even be described as anti-nature. To the point where at this stage in my life I'm perfectly happy with a concrete backyard (ok, we don't even have a backyard, it's a shared courtyard) We do have a small outdoor space in the back, just big enough for a few chairs and a barbecue. I'm now thinking of how to snazz it up a bit (snazz - totally a word)

Photo from Skeppsholmen, found via Paikka Maailmassa

Ours is not this nice, but MAN! seriously, how incredible would this kinda set up be?

I should think about some type of a lighting system. I dig these ones.

Do you have an outdoor space? If so, have you snazzied it up?


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