Saturday, March 24, 2012

DIY - mini noticeboard

Today's DIY is (as they have been up to this point anyway) fairly simple, yet functional and fun.

I bought some picture frames from my usual charity shop some months ago, with the intention to use them as price lists for the craft fair. I did use them, but now they've been laying around waiting for the next one. I also bought twice as many as I needed. So, I finally realized what I need to use them for. Small notice boards. I have a ton of small things lying around my craft area and already have a large notice board full of things. Sometimes I would just like to put up a postcard I've received or a few paper scraps. So, a perfect DIY project.

What you'll need is frame(s), cork board, craft knife, pencil and glue. I used my hot glue gun, but any strong glue should work. (Also, I doubt you actually need the step by step instructions with photos, but since I took the photos I wanted to use them!)

First mark the size and then cut the cork board to fit the frame you're using. Like mentioned, I used thrifted frames I found a while ago. I love the chipped paint and the fact that they are all the same frame but in 6 different colours. The interesting thing about the frames was that each had a collage made out of magazine clippings... Very... interesting work.

Double-check the size before gluing and then glue the cork on the frame. (The double-check part is mainly for me. I assume you probably can measure and cut properly. Let's just say I've learned the value of double-checking the hard way)

You're done!

I'll make a few more and group them together. This definitely goes to good use, I have so many little paper scraps and pictures I can now display. I'll post some photos once they are finished and in use.


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