Thursday, March 8, 2012

What to wear and more importantly, who to talk to about it?

Since my last Friday Inspiration post, I haven't stopped thinking about clothes. On the contrary, I've been thinking about clothes even more. And not just clothes, about the dreaded F-word (not THAT F-word silly, the other one. Fashion). I do think it's the imminent return of spring that's filling my head with all this, but I can't help it. Soon, I can wear other things than just winter stuff. My poor shoes have been neglected for months now.

This is going to be a long rant, so more under the cut. If you're not interested in a lot of clothes talk, skip the post.

So, let me give you a bit of background first. I go through periods of time where I really put time and effort into how I look. I reorganize my wardrobe (we have a walk-in closet! It's a tiny one, but a walk-in nonetheless), figure out what I have and what do I still need and generally try to put together interesting outfits from my closet.

Now, I'm a neutrals kinda gal. I don't dress extravagantly, don't wear a lot of colour nor do I wear things tight, bright, short or revealing. Sounds very basic and to some, surely, boring. I'm ok with this, but I do, on occasion, try to go out of my comfort zone. Most of the things I own are rather muted colours; black, brown, grey, navy... you know, basics. Only recently have I started adding colours and patterns. I still rely on the very basics as the foundation of my wardrobe, but I am working on injecting some more fun things into it.

In the last few years, I've really started to think about what I need to wear. I don't mean this in a sense of "I have to have this random thing because it's fashionable" but more in a "I understand that my clothes do say something about me, so what it is I want the message to be". I used to be the type to buy things because they were cheap. I fully admit it. I also had a massive collection of clothes that were "OK" or "fine". Yet, I never had anything to wear.

When I was moving to Montreal, I had to cut down my clothes to a bare minimum (I refused to pay for my things to be shipped here, I only took what I could fit into my suitcases) and I had to part with a lot of my shoes. That combined with the realization that having a lot of clothes does not equal having a functional wardrobe, really started me on the path I am right now. (Sounds dramatic, I know) I decided that I need to really think about what I want to wear and then invest into those things.

This was no easy feat! I'm stin... frugal (much better). I went through a phase where I got rid of a lot of cheap crap and actually, for once, didn't have much to wear. Slowly, but surely, I started building a closet that works. It's hard work. This doesn't mean I made no stupid purchases, but I did make a lot less of them. I started thinking about where and with what I would wear this thing. I also realized that buying more expensive things does pay off in the end. (That was the fun part, buying things I didn't think I could afford until I really thought about what's important) I'm still very cautious when it comes to spending money, but if I skip a few fake leather purses that are "pretty nice", I can spend money on a genuine leather one that will last me a long time.

I just realized this is probably the longest post to date... I think I will just end this one here and continue on the topic at another time. In fact, I am going to start writing reoccurring posts about things like this, you know, clothesees and stuff. (Clothesesees is a valid and highly accurate term that includes not only clothes but shoes and jewelry and prettifying yourself)

So, that's the start of what I've been thinking about and clothes in general. More to come later, for sure.


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