Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Great white

Oh, mighty white t-shirt, why are you hiding from me? Seriously, it's such a basic yet versatile piece and somehow near impossible to find.

Ok, let me clarify. You can find tons of white t-shirts, most stores carry them. But a GREAT white (insert 'Jaws' intro here) T-shirt... That's the holy grail of.... T-shirts. Fine, I know I'm sounding overly dramatic here, but I'm really having a tough time with this one. I've tried a number of different ones, some very inexpensive, others a tad more pricey, but I've yet to find that specific style or brand I can count on.

Photo from Chictopia

The problem for me is usually a combination of lenght and thickness of the material. I'm relatively tall, so a lot of them end up being too short. Another issue tends to be the material. White t-shirt (or white *anything* for that matter) can be a disaster waiting to happen. I need a shirt that's thick enough so I don't have to worry if anything underneath is showing through.

I know this is a long ramble about something really basic. Is this just an issue for me? Any suggestions for places to find great T-shirts?


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